Like, share and use

If you like our work, send a message to the @IRC_Stats twitter account, retweet, link to this site, use the graphs, etc.

You may also be interested in the Data page at which you can download the datasets used to display all graphs on this site. This allows you to do your own research or create your own graphs. The only thing we ask you to do do in return is to mention the data came from


Are you missing a certain graph or table? Or do you have any other suggestion or request for information? Simply send a tweet to @IRC_Stats and we will see what we can do!

What we will NEVER do

IRCStats does not give away data about individual networks, servers or users. One of the reasons that almost nobody objects to our to our scanning is that we do not publish any identifiable information and only show aggregate amounts on IRC usage and features, not individual users/servers/networks. This will not be changed.


If you want to be excluded from scanning, use the opt-out form.